Sixth Stop: Peru

It’s time to spread our wings and fly across the Atlantic Ocean and enter South America. Let’s get the obvious out of the way.

1. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

2. With that out of our way, number 2 is my absolute favorite one. The Amazon Rainforest, while Brazil is known as the go-to-guy, or rather go-to-place, for some good Amazon (Rainforest), the vast jungle still covers about 60% of Peru. Hire a guide and sleep a night in the legendary jungle with howler monkeys in the background and instects buzzing in your ears.

3. Twice the depth of Grand Canyon, Colca Canyon in Peru offers breath-taking views of what seems like an almost endless drop. With a chance to see the rare Andean Condor, this trekking opportunity cannot be missed.

4. A lesser known place for most people around the world is the floating islands of Lake Titicaca. Home to the Uros tribe, these islands are in fact not islands, but homes made of reeds.

5. Who has not heard or at least seen pictures of the mysterious Nazca Lines? Theories and stories begin with aliens ends with government conspiracies, and anything possible in between. The best way to fully appreciate the figures is from a small plane.

6. Finally we reach the highlight (right after my favorite the Amazon of course), Tombs of Chauchilla. With a country so full of mysteries locations, it is not surprising that Peru also hosts a number of mysterious tombs with bones and mummified bodies in tact. No proper explanation has been successfully reached, but signs of ancient rituals can be found in the tombs.

For more places to visit in Peru go to TravelingCanucks or more information on morbid travels go to BigTravelWeb

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